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Clopay Aluminum Garage Doors

Clopay Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage doors add a modern touch to any home. Clopay aluminum doors do not only serve as garage doors but can also be used as living room dividers or patio doors due to their versatile look. Since, rust-proof and resistant to corrosion, they are suitable for the indoors. Aluminum doors are a big contrast to wooden and steel ones but nonetheless, serve the main purpose of keeping your cars and items safe inside the garage and at the same time serve as a decorative component in the home.

Energey Efficient Clopay Doors

Aluminum doors in Mission BendAluminum garage doors are energy efficient due to allowing natural light to come in through the panels during the day and the light from inside the garage gives warmth when looking outside your home during the night. Privacy is also guaranteed with this type of garage door.

Clopay aluminum doors have 2-1/8” rust-proof frames, so rest assured of their durability. They also arrive in different glazing options so they match the look of your home. Customers can choose from anodized, Ultra-Grain or powder-coated finishes. Colors of the aluminum frames come in white, brown, bronze, Ultra-Grain dark cherry, Ultra-Grain light cherry, black anodized and bronze anodized.

Aluminum, although a lightweight material compared to steel and wood, is as strong as its heavier counterparts. It is also generally rust-proof, so customers do not have to worry about exposing it to changing weather and temperature. It also lasts a very long time and if taken care of properly, serves its purpose for years and years to come.

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