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You will find here the best answers to electric garage door questions! Very helpful and short

Can I repaint my door?

Yes. You can absolutely repaint your door according to your preference and taste. Paint cracks or fades away over time due to exposure to certain weather elements. For better results, just apply appropriate paint with a color that matches the design of your house.

Can I replace the door opener myself?

Door openers are much easier to fix and replace than the garage door itself. However, we still recommend you to seek the assistance of our garage door repair Mission Bend experts if you intend to replace it. There are some wires and cables that may be dangerous for you to handle.

Can I clean a wood garage door with water?

You can clean a wood garage door with the use of detergent dissolved in water as long as the door is painted or stained. In general, painting, and staining are essential for protection so one of these must be done upon installation. After you wash the door, you must rinse it.

What are the different types of garage door drives?

There are three main types: screw, chain and belt drives. Chain drive is the commonly used and most economic, but makes noise while the belt drive is sleeker and quiet, but expensive. The screw type has a different working function and is noisier than the belt drive and also expensive.

Why do I have to have my springs replaced?

Worn out springs are dangerous and this is why you are encouraged to have them replaced. The springs are what hold your door in place. The doors are heavy and if the spring breaks it will bring the doors crashing down.

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